The Communication Sector’s First Domestic Sectoral Event

  • Communication
  • Mobile Communication
  • Information Technologies
  • Information
  • Software

A unique event bringing together these special sectors under one roof…

The Mobisad Exhibition and Summit

Held under the governance of Mobisad (Association of Mobile Communication Devices and Information Technologies Businesspeople), the only NGO of its sector, and with Noya Fair’s blend of the experience and knowledge of 181 events organized by its staff with an experience of 23 years in the events sector,

All the stakeholders of the sector at Mobisad Summit

You are kindly invited to

Mobisad Exhibition where

  • The most distinctive companies of the sector participate with their most important products,
  • The most special users and professionals explore these products,
  • The institutions inform the sector about their needs and demands,
  • The end-users analyze the products they will purchase,
  • The companies and the users assess how they will improve the products;

Mobisad Conference and Workshop where

  • The experts in the sector share their expertise and research,
  • The meritorious names comment on the future and express the expectations,
  • The leading names of the sector debate on the sector’s today and the future
  • The professionals and those concerned are informed about the developments in the sector,
  • The young who will be the professionals of the future determine their future.