About Us

Having been founded in 2018, Noya Fair Organization is one of the companies holding the Certificate of Authority for Organizing Domestic Fairs approved by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkiye.

Having started to operate with its team of more than 20 years’ experience in the fair organization sector, Noya Fair Organization plans and executes all its fairs on an international scale.

With its portfolio consisting Information, Software, Communication and Technology fairs, Noya Fair Organization aims at holding the most world-famous brand fairs in these sectors via taking advantage of the region our country is located in.

As for its identity as a fair organization company, it has been operating with the identity of Organization of International Fairs within the Country which suits itself the best amongst the identities of “Organization of International Fairs within the Country”, “Organization of Fairs Abroad”, “Organization of Domestic Fairs within the Country”, “Organization of Regional Fairs within the Country”.

With the international fairs it organizes within the country, the purpose and target of its operations aim at

  • Contributing to the development and growth of the sectors within the country,
  • Hosting in our country the global convention of the sector representatives,
  • Providing a more extensive publicity of the companies of our country via enabling the visits of buyers and visitors from different countries to our country,
  • Enabling our country to take advantage of all the opportunities that contribute to the general economy aside from the commerce of the fair sector engaged in during the fairs.